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Conservative estimates suggest >100,000 plastic microfibres are shed with every wash of a single garment. But mechanically, these materials are extremely high-performing and long-lasting.

Materials are the next frontier of innovation, and the technology that is emerging now has the potential to solve these problems.

Graphene is one such technology, being 200x stronger than steel and extremely light at the same time. Nanoloom produces fibre and fabric from BioHastalex, made from wonder material graphene using a unique method. It can mechanically outperform other materials, and is biodegradable and recyclable.

Its applications span numerous diverse industries.

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Products & Services

We make biodegradable and recyclable material from graphene. The material is biocompatible and non-toxic. It is extremely strong and elastic, can be made to repel or attract water, can be conductive, and its manufacture can be tailored to the product requirement.


Fibre can be customised and manufactured by way of wet spinning, melt spinning and electrospinning. Our focus is on performance apparel


Fabrics can be woven with our fibre on its own or by combining it with other materials

Casted or 3D Printed Material

Our material can be manufactured using other methods like mould casting or 3D printing, depending on the product requirement

R&D Services

We can assist you with or collaborate on R&D projects utilising our team's extensive multidisciplinary expertise

Who we are

Our team comprise world-class experts from a range of backgrounds, covering multidisciplinary scientific expertise and commercial, operations and business.

Victoria Mataczynski
Victoria Mataczynski

Formerly a corporate lawyer at top-tier international law firms, Victoria managed award-winning teams on billion-pound projects across Asia Pacific and EMEA. She has managed Innovate UK projects, and grown a three-person startup to a company used by more than 50% of the world’s top global firms. She holds a B.Economics and a Juris Doctor.

Alexander Seifalian
Alexander Seifalian

Over 26 years at Royal Free Hospital and as Professor of Nanotechnology, with >683 peer-reviewed articles and 14 international patents. He has commercialised numerous products and is a recipient of the Medical Future Innovation top prize for development of nanomaterials, EU Life Sciences Award, Nanosmat Prize, UKTI Business Innovation Award and Heals Distinguished Research Award.

Oliver Willett
Oliver Willett

Oliver's family office fund controlled Canada's largest textile manufacturer which supplied fabrics and end products to performance wear, fashion, home furnishings, luggage and industrial markets. It developed and commercialised Dermoflex (a waterproof / breathable nylon coating) and Crohmiq (anti-static fabrics for shipping combustible materials). He has extensive experience with textiles and materials development businesses including D3O (impact protection), Dri-release (hydrophobic and hydrophilic fibres), Dri-fire (breathable fire resistance fabrics).

Elif Yenigun
Elif Yenigun

Elif is Senior Tutor (Textiles) at the Royal College of Art. She is focused on nanoengineered aerospace composites, smart wearables and 3D textile preforms. A recipient of an Individual Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellowship for adaptive smart textiles, Elif holds a BSc Textiles Engineering and PhD Materials Science and Engineering.

Yasmin Farhatnia
Yasmin Farhatnia

Yasmin holds a PhD Nanotechnology and Regenerative Medicine, MSc (Hons) Bioengineering and Medical Imaging and BSc (Hons) Medical Engineering. Her innovative research has been featured in over 20 leading scientific publications and has attracted close to £1 million investment.

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