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Who We Are

Nanoloom produces eco-friendly, biodegradable materials from BioHastalexTM, a unique, novel material based on graphene

Material can be made from BioHastalex in a variety of ways, allowing us tailor it to a wide variety of applications in industries ranging from fashion to automotive, and provide solutions that are superior to what is currently available on the market.

Nanoloom's key focus is to supply a viable alternative raw fibre to replace environmentally harmful synthetic textiles that shed microplastics into the ocean. Our immediate focus due to COVID-19 is to create superior fibre and fabric for PPE.

Rainforest Trutle

PPE textiles are manufactured from cotton, polyester or polypropylene. Bacteria and pathogens can survive for days on these materials, while the best face masks have poor breathability and comfort, with filters that can stop particles over 96 nanometres. COVID-19 particles range between 50-200 nanometres.

We will use the fibre to construct special fluid-repellent and eco-friendly fabric with porosities/filtration of 45 nanometres to trap bacteria, viruses and other particles, including COVID-19, and provide better breathability.


Textiles need to move towards more environmentally sustainable materials without sacrificing quality, and BioHastalexTM, which is sustainable throughout its product lifecycle, is part of that journey.

Sustainably produced, non-toxic and biodegradable within approximately 2.5 years in the ocean
Its graphene base makes it extremely strong (graphene is 200x stronger than steel) and light at the same time
It can be made with varying degrees of elasticity
It can be made with properties like waterproofing, heat, chemical, fatigue and impact resistance. It does not shed.
It can be manufactured to imitate characteristics of other materials like suede and leather
It can be used to produce thermally conductive fabric and enhanced heating without high-energy waste
Material using BioHastalexTM can also be made to benefit other industries with other properties like as a coating to protect metal from rust, for example
Our Team
Victoria Photo
Victoria Mataczynski

Entrepreneur who most recently drove commercialisation at a tech SME now used by >50% of top global law firms. Formerly a top tier international lawyer with A&O (London) and HSF (Sydney).

Prof Alex Photo
Professor Alex Seifalian

Professor of Nanotechnology at UCL for 27 years, with over 632 peer-reviewed articles published and 14 international patents. He has commercialised numerous products in the past.

Hana Photo
Hana Salussolia

Over 15 years' financial services experience, most recently as MD at Goldman Sachs. She specialises in commercialising new ideas and has generated significant annual revenue streams in areas where there was previously zero income.

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